Winter Villains - "The Air" out today!

So the first of two very exciting bits of news we have for you this week – Winter Villains new single “The Air” is out today! The second single from their debut album, February (which will be out this April), it’s yet another song by the melancholy lads and lasses that leaves you wondering how a band so new can be this damn good. We're obviously a tad biased, but still, you'd maybe expect a song this accomplished from a band on their third or fourth album cycle, not a band that haven't even released their debut record yet!

You can buy the track digitally from Winter Villains Bandcamp page HERE (as well as all other reputable digital retailers - iTunes/Amazon.Spotify), which we wholeheartedly recommend you do.

Following on from the live session the band did for the track a few weeks back, they've also now unveiled the rather moving music video for the track (see above), featuring performances from some familiar Cardiff faces. As if we didn't miss South Wales enough already, Winter Villains have to go and do a video set in the Brecon Beacons and starring some of our good friends. Inconsiderate bastards.