Welcome to the team - Jen Moseley!

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Leaving Cardiff for the bright lights of London was a difficult decision for us. On the one hand, we were pretty excited to be moving because of the new opportunities it presented, but on the other hand leaving behind the thriving music scene in Cardiff and all of friends that we'd grown up with, both as a band and a label, was not easy. As a result, we've always tried to stay as connected to Cardiff and the music scene in South Wales as much as possible, which is why we're pleased to announce that we're actually going to have a physical presence there again, in the form of our latest addition to the Barely Regal team - our good friend Jen Moseley!

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Some of you may have already been well aware that Jen is working with us now (she's been doing bits and bobs to help for a while now, and actually manned our stall at the record fair in Cardiff last week!), but seeing as moving from a team of two to a team of three is a relatively big deal for us, we thought we'd make an appropriately big song and dance about this. Here are words from Jen on the subject: I’m Jen, and I’m lucky enough to know some pretty ace people. I met some of these in my hometown of Worcester, where I spent my formative years watching all sorts of bands and learning all sorts of things about what music was, what music existed and what music I really got excited about. Although I didn't realise it at the time, I think there was a "scene" there, and some pretty special things came out of it. Unfortunately for some people involved (myself included), Worcester just couldn't offer the opportunity we were looking for and I came to Cardiff. But it seems that music is bringing us back together again... To elaborate, friends from a city left behind now comprise two brilliant acts on the Barely Regal roster, and friends made in the city I now call home make up another two. I bloody love watching bands, these especially, so it was really only a matter of time before I ended up meeting Matt and Isaac and befriending more of the Barely Regal family. Now that they have drifted down to the end of the M4 I believe to be paved with gold, I remain here to continue locally their good work, the work of being TOTALLY STOKED for excellent bands and music. I’m really excited for what’s on the cards for BR this year, and that I get to be part of it. When the label started in 2009 (wow, over three years ago!) I heard a bit about it and went to some gigs, but that was that. I had no idea I’d end up getting involved and learning everything I have so far. Not many things make me tick like seeing people playing music I really like so if I can help them continue and build upon that endeavour then I'm pretty much made up. I'm not going to spend any of our time talking about what bands my life has been shaped by or what's in my head at the moment (that's kind of a big question) but if you want a taster just look in the sidebar on the right there, or email me at Jenny@barelyregalrecords.com and we can go for a pint and chat about it. Stay WUFT, Jen As you can see from her use of "TOTALLY STOKED" and "WUFT" she's already taken our label style guide to heart. Jen will be helping out with all manner of things, from managing our social media, to helping get our accounts and stock in order, to being our contact for bands in Cardiff, to generally shouting at us when we're procrastinating too much ("why haven't you emailed [INSERT BANDNAME HERE] back yet?!"). We're really excited to have her on board - she's already contributed a hell of a lot in the short time she's been helping us out - and it'll be great to see how the label evolves with an extra pair of hands to pitch in with stuff. Those of you who already know Jen will know that she's bloody lovely, those of you who don't  should look forward to meeting her in the near future.