Welcome to the family/new releases

With preparations for the Kutosis album release and Swn fully under way, it's about time we announced  the newest addition to the Barely Regal family...Olympians! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this gang o’ lads from Norwich, we’d love to offer a succinct description of their musical stylings, but that’s harder to pen than it may seem – an adventurous bunch, they’re constantly changing their sound and experimenting with new ideas. ‘But doesn’t every band say that about themselves?’ I hear you cry...well, yes, but not every band releases an EP of lo-fi barbershop quartet songs, performs live with an Orchestra, and curates a 10 song remix album within the space of a few months. The music press seems to largely have them pegged as a ‘math-rock’ band, but they’ve got a whole lot more to their sound than that implies. As with all great relationships, we met in the most romantic manner possible – at a party, under the influence of a lot of beer. The 405’s birthday party back in April to be exact, where we had the pleasure of seeing Olympians live for the first time, and since that day what started out as mere friendship has developed into the highest possible expression of love: a fruitful business relationship. Romantic entanglement metaphors aside, we’ve already got plenty in the pipeline for us and Olympians. First up, they’ll be performing at our Swn stage on Sunday the 23rd October, a prime opportunity for Cardiff residents (specifically those with Swn tickets) to catch them live if you haven’t already. Immediately following that, we’ll be releasing the double A-side digital single ‘Wake up old/Barnacle’ on the 24th of this month. Here’s a little teaser video for that to get you suitably stoked in advance: [vimeo http://vimeo.com/30044964] To tide you over until that day, Olympians will be making a different remix of 'Wake Up Old' available to stream on their bandcamp every day from today up to the release date.