Welcome to the family: Without Maps

Without Maps press photo (small) It seems like 2013 is the year where we get committal, finally bringing bands into the fold that have been unofficially a part of the Barely Regal family for a good while now. Nottingham lads Without Maps maybe haven't been on our radar for quite as long as our last "signing", Theo, but they've been a really important part of our label's evolution - helping us to book our first ever tours in 2010, sorting numerous shows for our bands, and (mostly importantly) bringing to my attention that the midlands doesn't count as "up north" (although as someone who's never lived north of the M4 corridor I maintain that it totally DOES). Since then the Without Maps guys have become some of our closest friends - to the point where Nottingham is fast become by home-away-from-home - and one of our favourite bands in the country, so we're thrilled to announce that at long last they'll be joining our roster. We've got imminent news on their debut album release coming next week, but in the meantime head over to their Bandcamp page where you can download their last two singles ("Naked Light" and "JCVD") for the price of on the house. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of listening to them already, think Q and Not U, Desaparecidos and Meneguar (the latter coincidentally being a band that their drummer Rory introduced me to in the first place!).