Welcome to the family...Winter Villains!

Now then.

After all this being coy and hinting that we’ve got a good five or six names to add to the Barely Regal family over the coming months, it’s high time that we announce the first of those...being the rather excellent Winter Villains! Josef and Faye (as well as the rest of the Winter Villains gang) have been very close friends and musical peers of ours for a long time now, so it’s an absolute pleasure and an honour to be releasing their debut album, ‘February’, which will be out on the 8 of October as a digital download and limited edition run of CDs.

Pre-orders of the album (along with the full stream of the record) will be going up on the 24September, but until then they’re giving away the first single from the album, ‘Moon’, as a free download on their Bandcamp page, because they’re bloody generous like that.

We'll be unveiling the video for 'Moon' in the very near future (which was directed and produced by On Par Productions...remember them?), but until then here's a screenshot to wet your appetite: