Welcome to the Family - Plough Lines

Plough Lines As you can probably tell from the line-up for our Swn stage last year, we’re pretty big fans of the music scene in Manchester. The more people and bands I meet from up that way the more I get the impression that everyone from the city is A: a brilliant human, and B: in a really good band, which is why I seem to spend a significant amount of time megabussing to a from there for shows, or hassling them to play in London. It’s nice then that the second band to join the Barely Regal family this year cements our relationship with the city in release form, welcoming Mancunian emo kingpins Plough Lines into the fold. We’ll be releasing their second EP on 7” this summer as a joint release with Wolftown DIY (one of our favourite labels in the UK), and it’ll be up to pre-order in the very near future. Ahead of that, you can listen to the first track from the release, ‘Henry Make Good’ below:
They’re actually playing a number of dates with Carson Wells and Human Hands this weekend, and Wolftown DIY’s booming all-dayer “Midwest West Midlands” in June too:

26 Apr 2014 – Wahlbar, Manchester (w/ Carson Wells + Human Hands) 27 Apr 2014 (afternoon) – Alford Studio, Leamington Spa (w/ Human Hands) 27 Apr 2014 (evening) – TALK, Birmingham (w/ Human Hands) 7 Jun 2014 - Midwest West Midlands Festival, The Wagon & Horses, Birmingham w/ LOADS