Welcome to the Family: Crows An Wra!


Despite the bank holiday leaving us with an additional hangover to recover from this week, we've somehow managed to get everything in place to announce not just one, but two new releases AND a new addition to the Barely Regal family this week. Not bad considering I spent all of bank holiday Sunday getting towed from Carlisle to Brighton because our van died eh?

This next release was acutally meant to be announced last Thursday, but a complete lack of access to even the most basic of internet connection on tour meant I wasn't able to get my dirty mitts on the masters in order to get the release up on our store in time to make that happen. Luckily, the band in question are not only really patient, but (being almost perpetually on tour via their various dabblings in music) were completely sympathetic to my wifi woes.

So, without further delay we’re stoked to welcome into the fold Crows An Wra!

Another band that we’ve got a long shared history with (dating back to when myself and Alex were still in Goodtime Boys), Crows An Wra are formed from the ashes of pretty much all of the good “heavy” bands from the Cornish music scene, including the likes of Kasa, Crocus, Serena Joy and Ravachol. They’re all bands that we’ve had the pleasure of touring with and seeing live numerous times, so it’s an honour to have their new outfit (featuring some of our favourite elements and members of the aftorementioned bands) on the roster.

The self-proclaimed “screamo Mars Volta” (which should give you a fair idea of what they sound like), we’ll be releasing their debut EP on 10” vinyl this June, which you can listen to in full and pre-order from our online store HERE. The artwork (see below) by Justin Bryan Nelson is incredible, and it’s going to be on pressed on ultra-clear vinyl, so the whole package is going to look pretty mint. We've only got 50 copies in stock, so best to pick one up sooner rather than later if you're keen to get your hands on a copy!

Crows artwork

Crows will be announcing a full European tour (including both UK and EU dates) in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more info.