Welcome to the Family - Carson Wells / Human Hands

Carson Wells blog post 2 It’s been a good while since you’ve had anything you could really describe as “news” from us (since October in fact, whoops), and you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d died, or shut down operations, or just reached new dark depths of procrastination. While yes, real life did get in the way for a good couple of months towards the end of last year (moving house/starting new jobs/touring etc), we HAVE been busy working on our first crop of releases for 2014, which is why it’s great to be able to finally announce our first bit of REAL NEWS for this year. Without further delay, we're very excited to announce not just one but TWO new additions to the Barely Regal family – Carson Wells and Human Hands! We had the pleasure of being introduced to both bands via our good friends Zine and Not Heard, who’ve put on Carson Wells and Human Hands numerous times well before we ever started doing shows together. They’re two of the most incredible live bands I’ve ever seen, and brilliant people to boot, so we couldn’t be more excited to be helping release a split 7” featuring both bands, which will be coming out this April. You can listen to the full thing on on our Bandcamp, or conveniently right here in the handy player below: It’s one of those fantastic split releases (if we do say so ourselves!) where both bands have some common ground and sort of loosely fall into the same genre (‘emo’, in this case), but each has a completely different takes on the same thing. Carson Wells twisting, clever post-hardcore brings to mind Kolya and Sinaloa, while Human Hands play some of the most crushingly bleak emo you’re likely to hear, channeling the likes of Indian Summer and I Hate Myself. On top of the fact that, musically, there are some strong links, both bands are also great pals and fans of each others’ band, which is an equally valid reason to do a split release. The split will be out on 7” vinyl and digital download at the end of April, and to coincide with the release the two bands will be doing a short UK tour together:

Wednesday 23rd - Woolpack , York Thursday 24th – JT Soar (my favourite place in the universe!), Nottingham Friday 25th – London (venue TBC) Saturday 26th – Wahlbar, Manchester Sunday 27th (afternoon) – Alford Studio, Leamington Spa* Sunday 27th (pm) – TALK, Birmingham*

*Human Hands only

Pre-orders for the split will be up on our online store in the near future, and in the meantime you can listen to the full thing on our Bandcamp here.