Welcome to the family: Big Machine

Big Machine press photo So it’s pretty clear that, as far as our releases go, we don’t have much of an editorial style. In the last month alone we’ve put out everything from math-pop to instrumental post-hardcore to frantic screamo, our criteria for releases tends to hinge more on whether something is fucking ace than whether it ‘fits’, as such. It helps when the band members are excellent people too, we're lucky enough that's been the case with everyone we've had the pleasure of working with to date. This month, we welcome thrashy Manchester duo Big Machine to the family as by far the heaviest band on our roster, with their debut 7”, out now, as probably the most crushing thing we’ve released to date. Musically, it's pretty different from everything we've done before but more than ticks the boxes of being both A: fucking ace and B: the produce of two excellent humans, so it's a keeper. Several things you should know about Big Machine:
  • Nick and Sacha are 2/3rds of Manchester crust kingpins Hammers, Big Machine is something of a continuation of that, in that if you liked Hammers you'll almost certainly like this, but BM are definitely a fresh take on that sound.
  • They’re named after Taylor Swift’s record label.
  • They have a bloody LIGHTS SHOW when they play live.
And, most importantly, they’re really bloody good. Their debut 7” is out now, which you can listen to here and buy from here, seven blasts of pure unadulterated riffs squeezed onto two sides of red and black vinyl with the sleeve hand-screened by Sacha from the band. We had the pleasure of hosting BM at About Time #3 last year, and fingers crossed we’ll have them back in London for another show in the very near future. Watch this space...or rather, this space.