Tonight - Whyteleaf EP launch at C.A.I

Why is it that Cardiff always goes through dry patches with gigs, and then several we've been looking forward to all fall on the same night? Tonight is sadly a perfect example of that phenomenon - Pulled Apart by Horses at Clwb, the Gindrinker/Joy of sex split launch at Buffalo AND Whytealeaf's EP launch at CAI are all taking place this eve. After careful consideration, we've opted for the Whyteleaf EP launch, for the following reasons: 1. They're incredible live, and we've been looking forward to seeing them play for a while. 2. Samoans are supporting. 3. It's £2 to get in, and we are poor. On the point of gig clashes, someone needs to take overall responsibility for this kind of thing: either promoters need to start shotgunning days of the week in advance, or cloning research needs to come on leaps and bounds in the next few months so I can go to several gigs at once. I vote for the latter. If any scientists are reading this, any chance you could get that sorted in time for Swn festival? Cheers.