Tonight: Fanatical Love Album Launch #1!

Those of you who've been keeping a close eye on our blog will probably be getting quite familiar with the little owl motif that's cropped up in Kutosis' artwork recently, a nice bit of imagery dreamed up by Adam Chard which has acted as an ominous portent of recent Kutosis-related news. This time, nestled within both corners of what I'm sure you'll agree is a pretty eye-catching poster, it marks the first of the launch parties we're having to celebrate the release of 'Fanatical Love', which is taking place tonight at Chapter Arts Centre. As a part of their regular Movie Maker night, we'll be screening all 11 videos for the album, as a rather exciting audio-visual unveiling of the record, involving everything from the boys running around Cardiff dressed as spies, to an 8-bit Bill Murray fighting robots from outer space (which you'll be glad to hear is exactly as brilliant as it sounds). Sadly the screening is now totally sold out, but if you missed out on tickets it might be worth giving Chapter a ring (or popping in if you live close enough), just in case anyone has cancelled or dropped out. On an equally exciting note, the physical copies of 'Fanatical Love' arrived safe and sound this morning at Kutosis HQ, and they look pretty bloody fantastic (thanks again to the lovely artwork put together by Adam Chard): We'll have them on sale at the launch gig at Chapter tonight, and again on Friday at Clwb (if there are any copies left by then!), meaning those of you who were lucky enough to get tickets for either can get your hands on a copy before the official release date of the 14th. For those of you that can't make either of the two launches, don't forget you can still pre-order the album from here, which comes with an instant download of all 12 tracks.