Today in Pictures - Pt2

So it turns out the red-slip-of-doom I got was actually for something else entirely, and the test pressings arrived safe and sound. Which my housemate definitely had already told me...I am an idiot. Emotional rollercoaster of a day continues. Anyways, here they are, in all their glory: Pretty nice eh? I imagine this is what it feels like holding  your first-born child, only a vinyl test pressing isn't going to cost me hundreds of pounds in nappies, food an clothing (or at least I bloody well hope not). Split test pressings 1, future children 0. As a result of their arrival I've had numerous gentlemen callers from both bands over the course of this evening, all with the excuse that 'they wanted to have a listen' (a likely story). I was fairly worried about putting needle to vinyl for the first time in case there was something horribly wrong with them, but we can confirm that, as hoped, it sounds fucking amazing. This is great as it means we can now relax, and kill time waiting for the final copies arrive messing around playing the test pressing on the wrong speeds. It turns out all the songs slowed down sound bloody brilliant, always the sign of a good song when it sounds great even if you listen to it wrong.