Theo - 'Loom' out now

Theo press pic

This week is a pretty momentous one for us, as our first 12" release, Theo's debut album 'Loom', is finally out. You can stream the album in it's entirety below, and buy the record from here, which comes with an instant download of all five tracks plus two bonus digital-only tracks.

It's been a long time coming - as a lot of you know we had our fair share of delays with getting the record pressed and finished - but it's come out looking incredible and it sounds fantastic on vinyl too. I mean, we shelled out to upgrade the finish on the sleeves so it even FEELS nice. We're really happy that the finished product does the album justice, as I'm sure those of you who listened to the stream on Musical Mathematics a few weeks back will attest it's a really great "album as an album", that flows perfectly from start to finish with impressive dynamics inbetween, and the organic loom samples really tying the whole thing together.

Here are some words from Sam himself to give you some more context around that:

"While I was holding down a steady temp job a few years ago now, one of my fellow temps told me that she used to work in a carpet factory in Kidderminster. At the time I was writing the material for “Loom” and I knew that I needed to link my material with more deliberately rhythmic patterns, which were external to the physical music. I recorded some samples of the various machines at the factory with a good friend who happens to be a cracking sound engineer, and we were able to achieve some great results. After taking the recordings away and working with them, they now underpin many of the key loops and groves throughout the album".

Sam has been with us since the very start of the label, so it seems only fitting that the first 12" record we put out is by him. He's already working on another album, which will be recorded by the end of the year and out in the first half of next year, and you can catch him performing tracks from Loom (as well as some new material) on his EU tour with Olympians this October.