Swner rather than later

(Classy poster coming soon, until then please enjoy the excellent artwork above). With only a mere five sleeps left until the best weekend of the year in Cardiff (eek!), it's about bloody time we announced the line-up for our stage. For those of you that haven't been paying attention, Swn has been expanded to a full four days this year. Good news for us, because our stage is on the Sunday, meaning we can boast a much more extensive line-up than last year. Bad news for my liver, which has to suffer another days flaggelation. Amongst all the other great stages happening that day, we'll be bunkering down at Undertone (the basement of 10ft Tall) for the Sunday all day to bring you a handpicked selection of our favourite bands from Cardiff and beyond:

Strange News From Another Star



Among Brothers

Hail! the Planes




It's like a big family reunion, with all the drinking, fighting and arguing necessary to whole-heartedly back-up that metaphor. To keep you ticking over until then, both Hail! the Planes and Olympians will be releasing a remix-a-day up until Swn. You can listen to the H! the P remixes are they surface on their blog, and you can you listen to the Olympians ones right here: