Swn Festival Preview - Right Hand Left Hand

Second up we have the instrument swappin’, loop pedal playin’ Right Hand Left Hand, on at 8:45pm. Members Rhodri and Bernie have played in some of finest bands to come out of fair city (including Vito and Ratatosk), and RHLH sees them indulging their math-ier inclinations. Impressive on record and infinitely more so live, save yourself the mental strain of trying to figure out how the hell they manage to pull off songs that complex by just turning up on Thursday, and witnessing them first hand condense enough parts for about 8 musicians down to a performance by just two. If you've never seen them before, expect to be overwhelmed by feelings of simultaneous awe and jealousy. Jawelousy, if you will. Their set at Swn 2009 was one of the highlights of the festival, and we’re expecting them to garner similar attention this year, so get down early if you’re keen to see them. AND if all that isn’t enough to convince you to make an appearance, check out their new set-up:   Two drum kits. Oh yes.