Swn Festival Preview - Among Brothers

  Third on, we’ll actually be taking to the stage ourselves at 10pm as Among Brothers. To dispel any notions of big-headedness we should probably clarify we didn’t pick ourselves to play our own stage as Swn! It just made sense to have us play Dempseys as opposed to elsewhere to minimise rushing around – we’re not ego-centric, just incredibly lazy and out of shape. Not really supporting that statement by doing a preview of OURSELVES, but we said we'd do one about all bands on our stage so a few words for consistency's sake. Plus its a good opportunity for us to shamelessy plug our EP we're putting out at the end of the year, the first track from which,‘Montgolfier’, will be on the compilation we’re giving away to the first 50 people down to our Swn stage. It’ll be the only way to get hold of the track before the release in December (providing our parents/housemates/partners don’t leak it before then), so bonus exclusivity points. We're a bit nervous to be taking to the stage at Swn after the almighty Kutosis and Right Hand Left Hand (two very hard acts to follow!), but at the same time thoroughly excited to be sharing a stage with some of our best friends and favourite live bands in Cardiff at the moment. Bit gutted that our unofficial seventh member (see above), Sad Keanu, can't be there as he's too busy being down, but oh well, maybe next time. Post-Swn festival (once our hangovers subside) there'll be more info on our upcoming EP release here, and also on the Among Brothers tumblr.