Strange News From Another Blog

As promised in our previous blog post, we've set up a blog specifically for the Strange News From Another Star/Samoans split release: Heavily considered putting that link in gigantic, flashing letters in an effort to get more clickthroughs, but decided to keep it small and unassuming instead (the marketing equivalent of 'playing hard to get'). If you're on Tumblr give us a follow, if not then never fear, we'll probably spam you somehow every time we post something up there anyways. While still in its infancy there's a few posts up already, including some photos and videos of Strange News recording their tracks for the split. As said photos illustrate, recording went really well: SNFAS managed to get a staggering 9 songs down over the course of 2 days, aided by the fact that producer Charlie Francis seems able to manipulate time as well soundwaves. Sadly due to space limitations we can't cram all 9 songs onto the one side of 7" vinyl, but on the plus side this does mean Strange News will be releasing a new EP early next year. We're returning to Musicbox Studios this Friday when Samoans will be recording their side of the split, so (pending getting hold of a camera) we'll have more photos and videos of them recording up on the Tumblr this weekend.