Split the bed pt 2

In a poor attempt to distract you from the fact that we haven't given you any news on the SNFAS Vs Samoans split release since wednesday, here are a few other noteworthy split records coming out in the very near future that you should definitely check out: Kerouac/The Long Haul One of the best things about playing an excessive number of shows on the South Coast with Goodtime Boys is that we've been introduced to several great bands that might have escaped our attentions otherwise. The Long Haul and Kerouac are without a doubt two of the best bands we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a stage with, so we were pretty stoked to discover that Brighton-based label Tangled Talk are putting out a split with the both of them on it. Growing up in Swindon (a town saturated with shit metalcore bands in my youth) nearly put me off ‘heavy’ music forever, so thank god for releases like this which have gone part way to restoring my faith in all things brutal. You can listen to two of the Kerouac tracks below, and the Long Haul tracks on their Facebook page here. If you've listened to that and found it to your liking, you can make the direct exchange of money for karma by helping out two great bands and pre-ordering the split here. Well Wisher/Polina Despite having only discovered Well Wisher in the last few months (thanks to a great little article on Drowned in Sound), I’m beginning to forget what life was like without them. At present their debut EP gets a listen at least once a day on my iPod, and was quite possibly one of the fastest impulse buys I've ever made. I was almost hesitant to listen to the new tracks from their upcoming split with Polina (purely because the EP was so good), but I can confirm that the new material is as good if not better, especially 'Babe Issues, which aside from being the best name ever for a song is two minutes of pure emo bliss. I haven’t really given the Polina tracks their due diligence yet, mostly because the Well Wisher tracks are great and therefore taking up all my available listening time, but it’s pretty good on the first listen, reminded me a bit of Pianos Become the Teeth. It's different enough from Well Wisher to make it an interesting split but clearly with some common ground and common influences…sort of like all the best sitcom formulas ("one's very neat, the other's very messy!" etc etc). Seeing as that's a relatively piss-poor attempt at providing you with any sort of inkling as to whether you might enjoy them, here are the tracks so you can make up your own mind: Well Wisher are playing Swansea on the 1st of April with Dividers, and will almost certainly have copies of the split with them for sale, I’d thoroughly suggest you take full advantage to get your hands on a copy…anyone up for giving me a lift/buying me a ticket/buying me a copy of the split? (delete as appropriate).