Significant Other #2: Poussin sweat it out with Bike Tour

Bike TourOne of the joys of starting Significant Other, our new singles series for 2018, is that it's given us the opportunity to work with a tonne of new bands and illustrators, including some outside our usual remit. The second single in the series is not just a new one for us, but a new band entirely - introducing Poussin, with their first single Bike Tour.

Formed from members of Bristol band The Cavemen, Poussin's basically music sounds like all that good shit from the 90s - dissonant, off-kilter guitars redolent of bands like Polvo, with a subtle sense of humour that stops their music from ever getting too self-indulgent or serious.

On Bike Tour, an ode to both the joys and pains of cycling with accompanying comic by illustrator Alice Bowsher, placid scenes of fields and windmills roll by, broken up by pangs of exhaustion and hill-induced anxiety. That imagery is perfectly mirrored in the music, - the track's spidery, rolling guitar loop split broken up by discordant stabs, and indeed the comic, which draws on similar inspiration, only with animals, thereby making it better.

Download the single from our Bandcamp, as well as the first track in the series from Paris punx Bitpart, and read the comic below. You can see more of Alice Bowsher's work on her website here. Significant Other 2: Bike Tour by Alice Bowsher