Samoans release new single "Catamaran" on Kissability Records

This is hardly “news” now, considering it’s been available for a week or so now, but we still felt the need to give it a (however belated) mention here, as it’s pretty bloody exciting. Our good friends Samoans have just released their brand new single “Catamaran” on the rather excellent Kissability records (run by Jen Long and one half of Transgressive Records). It is available digitally, and as a super-limited edition tape, with artwork by Ceri Jones (who actually designed our logo!). They’re selling like the proverbial hotcakes at the moment, (Samoans only have 11 left, probably less by the time you read this), so if you’re keen to get your hands on a copy then it’d be advisable to buy it right the fuck now from either HERE or HERE. News on the EP release coming VERY soon, which will feature both Catamaran AND San Marino 1994, which appeared on the compilation we recently put together for the 405.