Samoans in the studio

This week saw Samoans at long last head into the studio to record their debut EP with Todd Campbell at Skwad HQ. It's a been a fair time coming, but despite our constant nagging ("when are you going to be recording?", "are you recording now?", "I don't see you recording yet, why is that?" etc) they'd made the conscious decision to take their time with writing, carefully honing their craft since we released their split with SNFAS, before finally penning an EP which will without a doubt be worth the wait (and then some!). As with all releases, the tracks still have to endure the lengthy process of mixing and mastering before even we'll be able to get our hands on the finished versions of the tracks, but rest assured that while all that recording wizardry is under way the boys are formulating some exciting plans to get the finished product to your ears in the most interesting, aurally pleasing and visually appealing manner possible. They might be releasing the record as a download code tattooed on Zooey Deschanel's neck, with added improvised vocal harmonies provided by her whenever you decide to listen to it. Or then again, they might just release it as a limited edition tape and 12". Who knows. In the mean time, you can listen to live versions of two of the tracks (San Marino 1994 and Super Vapour Trail Sunrise) right here. Now available with added stoke.