For everyone who likes Samoans, free stuff, or both, we have a few bits of excellent news. First and foremost, for those of you who don't already know, Samoans have been asked to open Swn's stage at the Admiral Big Weekend on July 30th. In an excited burst of productivity we were going to send out a press release about this, but were sadly beaten to the punch by the Cardiff Council Events team, who are infinitely more organised/literate than ourselves. Still, a big congratulations to Dan, Calvin and Tal, its pretty incredible to see them having gone from opening shows at Barfly only a year ago to playing outdoors to a crowd roughly this size: Because they're opening for Los Campesinos and Racehorses they probably won't have the same problem as Camera Obscura last year, who had to play to mostly Lightning Seeds fans who really just wanted to get drunk on a Sunday afternoon and go on the dodgems. Instead, they'll probably be playing to underage fans of The Blackout who really just want to get drunk on a Friday night and go on the dodgems. If you're reading this and have a conscience, you'll come down to watch Samoans at 7pm to make sure this isn't entirely the case. More Samoans-based free stuff, Dan recently went into the studio to lay down some acoustic versions of a few tracks. Those of you who made it down to our show at No Sweat will already be familiar with these stripped down, haunting versions of staple Samoans tracks. Hopefully Dan will get a chance to showcase them live again sometime soon, but until then you can download them from here.