Regal = Rad

Following the mass moustache cull that hailed the end of ‘Movember’, Christmas spirit seems to have fully descended on Cardiff. Hail! The Planes are writing a Christmas song, Journal of Plastik are giving away a free download every day as a part of their advent calendar feature, and mince pies are a mere £1 for 6 in Tesco. Oh, and we’re putting on a Christmas party with Flux = Rad: There’ll be Christmas jumpers, cheap booze, and some of the bands are evening going to be doing Christmas covers, so it’ll be well worth braving the cold for. Because Shape Records are putting on a gig at Clwb is the same night we’ve decided to start the show late (first band on around half 9-ish) so if you want to come after you won’t miss much. AND if you show your handstamp from the Islet gig we’ll knock a £1 off entry. The fact it’s a late show will also facilitate, nay, necessitate eating and drinking into the early hours of Tuesday morning. Until then, I will be hibernating in my freezer, which is at present warmer than the rest of the house. See you all on Monday.