Despite nursing a three-day hangover following the most enjoyable End of the Road festival on the weekend, today is a good day, as it heralds the arrival of our fourth release - the 'Shadows/Skin' double A-side single by Kutosis:

This means that as well as the rather lovely t-shirt/tape package deal (of which there are still a few left) you can buy the digital version of the single, which is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and on bandcamp as a 'pay-what-you-want' download. We asked Larry David for a quote on how good value he thought that was for two of Kutosis' best tracks to date, and he sent us this message: Larry David has spoken. Head over to their bandcamp and get it now. Bring money. If the words of ex-Seinfeld producers aren't sufficient to convince you to have a listen or make a purchase, then here are a few snippets of advance praise for the single elsewhere on the web:
Keep Pop Loud 
This Is Fake DIY
Basement Fever 
Flying Tennis
...aaaand it was played on latest New Noise podcastby Jon Hillcock alongside the likes of M83, HEALTH and Tasseomancy. Nice.
Fun fact: this also means that over the course of a humble four releases we've already put out music on all the main formats (vinyl/CD/tape/digital). We even did a book (sort of) for our first release. With traditional formats done and dusted, we're going to be trying some different ideas for our next couple of endeavours, including a DVD, a print, and an alcoholic beverage. That last one was a joke. Maybe.