Paper Aeroplanes

Over the next couple of days we've got quite a bit of news to announce. Aside from on-going bits and bobs with the SNFAS/Samoans split, we've got some exciting stuff in the pipeline with Among Brothers, a bunch of new releases to announce, and a few co-promotions/releases we'll be working on. Each of those probably deserves its own blog post, all of which we will almost certainly post late (finding it pretty hard to do anything at the moment other than lovingly gaze at the SNFAS/Samoans split vinyls…please buy them so I can post all the remaining copies out and resume a normal productive life). Speaking of late blog posts, it’s about time we mentioned our next little endeavour: good friends of ours Paper Aeroplanes are releasing their new mini-album this month, and while they’re doing the majority of the release under their own steam we’ll be helping out with press and distribution. Sarah and Rich have helped us out with shows in the past (including giving Among Brothers their show outside of Cardiff), so it’s great to be able to return the favour and help out a band we love in some small way. The CD album is going to be out this coming Monday (4th April) but it’s available on iTunes already if you’re keen to get your hands on the tracks before then. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them live before we’d highly recommend going to their show next at Clwb Ifor Bach on Friday 8th April, where they’ll be supported by the wonderful Evening Chorus, as well as Alexander Comana. If you’re a fan of Paper Aeroplanes (or used to be a fan of Halflight – remember them?) I’m sure this will already be on your radar, if not you should come along for living proof that Sarah Howells probably has the best voice ever. Here’s some audio-visual evidence to back up that bold statement: Aaaaand a rather brilliant cover of 'No-ones gonna love you' by Band of Horses: In the meantime, aside from getting thoroughly excited about that gig we’ll be helping out by doing what we do best - posting liberally about the release on the internet, sending a shit-tonne of emails, and covering Cardiff in a blanket of promotional materials.