Out now: Olympians - "Everything's Amazing (Nobody's Happy)"

Where the hell did 2012 go then?! It seems like just the other day when we came with with the concept for Olympians' Book Club, and now here we are nearly 12 months down the line hammering the internet with spam about the release of the last single in the series, "Everything's Amazing (Nobody's Happy)", which came out yesterday.

Seeing both ours and the lads' most ambitious project yet coming to a triumphant close would probably cause us to shed a few tears, were it not for the fact that our eyes have been permanently glued to the hypnotic video above for the fourth and final single. What started out as a means for Olympians to release bits and bobs whilst working on ideas for their next full-length has over the course of the series grown into something so much more - a "package" that not only looks bloody lovely, but also a pretty concise documentary of the band's evolution over the past year.

If you didn't subscribe all those months back and feel like you missed out then never fear, subscriptions are still open HERE for another five days, which will get all these tracks, as well as all the cool stuff below (bar the cat, which would be too expensive to ship):

Completed Book Club + Cat

With the Book Club done and dusted, there's just the small question of what the hell is next for Norwich's premier purveyors of all things Math-pop. Well, despite us having tasked them with writing the already mammoth job of writing and recording no less than four releases this year, the lads still somehow found time to write an EP AND start work on a bloody album. The former is coming together nicely, and should be out around Easter kinda time, so keep your eyes and ears peeled in the new year for more on that.

Here's to a cracking 2012 and an even better/busier 2013 for us and Olympians!