Out now - Olympians - "Adventure Gun"

Adventure Gun 1

There are many things that usually make the first couple of days of the working week a bearable experience, and I can categorically say that for us all of them involve coffee in some capacity - mostly drinking it, sometimes just thinking about it. Anyway, it isn’t often that we’re lucky enough to have the gaps between cups of brain-fuel given some kind of meaning by new music from the Olympians lads, which is why this week is a bit special, as their new EP the “Adventure Gun” was finally released yesterday for your listening pleasures! In case you missed all the internet spam last night, including a heavily (and appropriately) capitalised email transmission, you will be pleased to hear that the EP is available on CD (in beautiful gatefold packaging designed by David Drake and assembled by the lads themselves) and digital download from their Bandcamp page now, where you can also stream the EP in it’s entirety.

Without over-hyping it too much, expect to be suitably impressed, if not totally fucking blown away this “synth-based harmony porn Odyssey” (as one reviewer described it). It definitely has all the hallmarks of an Olympians release – glorious harmonies, cleverly layered synths, and RIFFS, but with a much more mature sound that sees the lads really challenging themselves musically. Equally, far from being just a collection of their recent output, “Adventure Gun” really works as an EP, flowing perfectly from start to finish and keeping your attention held in a vice-like grip throughout, to the extent that several times now I’ve put it on intending to listen to a track or two, only to discover  22 minutes or so later that I’d listened to the whole bloody thing without realising…again. I could write reams and reams about how great “Adventure Gun” is, but I won’t A: because The 405 pretty much already vocalised all my thoughts on the EP in a much more eloquent and readable fashion here and B: you can listen for yourself right here.  Feel free to go have a listen to it now, we'll just wait here for a bit so we can have a nice chat about how great it is when you get back.