News (probably more like Olds)

I'm sure that the majority of blog posts we make are opened with an apology for not having written one sooner - so it pretty much goes without saying here. We've both been very busy again here at Barely Regal - mainly with recording the imminent debut release from Among Brothers. In all honesty, the excitement of being able to play through lovely amps and snazzy instruments alone almost made me dribble, so the fact that this was all happening whilst being recorded nearly pushed me over the edge. We managed to get 5 songs down in all, which are being mixed in a week, then mastered shortly after! If I were to explain what the difference between mixing and mastering was to my nan, I'd probably say that mixing was making sure nothing is too loud, and mastering is making sure everything is too loud (oooh, Barely Regal 1 - modern mastering 0).  I think that's a whole different blog post though. So that's the self-centred part out of the way - now onto other bands that we like. Hail! The Planes have just finished recording an EP and are now playing Greenman Festival today! I heard talks of a rubber stamp for the covers, which strangely gets me going. Looking forward to seeing/hearing the stuff. Another release I'm dying to hear is the Ratatosk album. If you haven't been to see Rhodri play yet, I urge you to do so. I must warm you though, be prepared to leave the gig with a feeling I can only liken to Sartre's Nausea. That is by no means a bad thing, honestly! You can buy the album by clicking THESE UPPER CASE WORDS. I'll have to cut this post short, as we've got to go off and make some plans. Aside from SWN (we'll announce our venue and lineup shortly!) here are some cryptic (read: painfully obvious) clues on what we're up to... DANNY QUASTROM