New releases: New Olympians and Among Brothers singles

In case you missed the respective announcements on Facebook etc, we have some pretty bloody exciting news this week about new singles by members of the extended Barely Regal family:

Olympians: "The Dictionary"

First up, we’re pretty fucking stoked to announce that the second single in the Olympians Book Club series is now officially available. You can exchange your hard earned cash for the digital single from their bandcamp HERE, on iTunes, or alternatively you can subscribe to the whole Book Club release HERE to receive the digital single,  limited edition CD single, plus the other three singles in the series over the course of the year AND a bloody hollowed out book to keep them in. Not bad eh?  Being the profilic bastards they are, the lads are already hard at work writing and recording singles #3 and #4 in the series, along with tracks for their debut album, which will hopefully be out sometime next year. Probably sooner if a significant number of you invest in the Book Club (hint hint).

Among Brothers: "Keep"

Remember when we said a while back that we might actually write and release some new Among Brothers material this year? Well, we done gone and made good on our promises, emerging victorious from our battle with crippling procrastination with a new single (“Keep”) written and recorded, and a tour planned for June. The track will be released on July 9th as a limited edition cassette single on Kissability, and digitally through Young & Lost Club. The exclusive first play of the track will be on Huw Stephens show tomorrow night (at some point between 12 and 2am), and after that we'll be uploading the track to stream on our bandcamp from Thursday onwards. To whet your appetite before then, here is a video of Sophia recording violin for the track (and putting us all to shame by writing and nailing a part on the first take probably). You'll be able to see us perform the track IRL at the following live music establishments during the month of June:

04/06/2012 - Rooftop Park, Dalston LDN

05/06/2012 - The Empire, Leeds

06/06/2012 - The End, Birmingham

07/06/2012 - Barfly, Camden LDN

08/06/2012 - The Independent, Sunderland

10/06/2012 - Undertone, Cardiff