New Olympians single 'Brunch Cannon' out today

A photo of Olympians recording in a large white room for a Beatcast TV session. It's been a while since Olympians graced your ears with any new music (since last April in fact), which is why we're pleased to announce that their new single 'Brunch Cannon' is out today as a free download from Bandcamp.

Last April doesn't even seem that long ago (seriously, was it that long ago 'Adventure Gun' came out?!), but the guys have been incredibly busy in that time, with 16 new songs written and counting (!), and their sound's changed a fair bit too. While they're definitely drawing on a similar pool of influences and sounds as previous material, some of the smashier/shoutier elements of their current live set have bled through into the new songs. 'Brunch Cannon' was the first Olympians recording with new(ish) drummer Michael Parkin, and it's nice to hear his influence on the recordings at last.

We chatted to Dan about the new track, and I was going to paraphrase that here but to be honest his straight-up, unedited responses do it better justice than we could:

"Adventure Gun was entirely written as it was recorded, and instruments were layered up in a very organic fashion. With the record we actually found a regular practice space and got the songs together very quickly with the idea of playing them live, and there's a lot more energy as a result.

Brunch Cannon is all about how being in a band and making music and playing rock shows is all actually really stupid and utterly pointless, but once you've accepted that it's all pretty OK and we've got nothing else to do anyway. We approached our entire album by deciding we didn't really mind how it came out, and either we've dropped our standards loads and it's awful, or it's the best stuff we've come up with as a result. We'll see I guess."

With 16 new tracks written already, 'Brunch Cannon' is going to have to fight for it's place on their debut album, but this could well be the first track you'll hear from the next Olympians release.