Never Mind the Book-Clubs, Here’s the Olympians

…is totally what we should have titled the Olympians Book Club press release we sent out in January. Luckily, one of the main advantages of doing a four-part series of releases we can still get some gas out of pun titles it took us a good seven months to think of.

Anyways, we’re most excited to announce the release of Book Club single the third, “It Was Words That Sank Our Ship”, which is due out on the 10 September. And it’s a bit of a corker if we do say so ourselves. You can watch the exclusive first look at the video on The 405 here.

As per the two previous singles, it’ll be out digitally via iTunes and Bandcamp, and physically as a limited edition run of CD singles in lovely handmade cases, along with b-side “I hate Everybody’s Guts and They Hate Mine” (named after the famous last words of American spree killer Billy Cook), and bonus track “It Was Drone That Sunk Our Ship”, which started life as a sample that was meant to be used it “It Was Words…” and ended up with them indulging their inner-dronecore fans (Sunn O))))lympians) by expanding it into a full track.

Current Book Club members will of course receive both well before the release date, as a small token of our appreciation for being an absolute bloody heroes and subscribing to the whole damn thing. If you’re a tad gutted you missed out on the smug sense of elitism that being a Book Club member could bestow upon you then never fear, as the Book Club is still open to subscribers, and new subscribers will receive everything been released via the Book Club to date, plus the new single on both formats, AND single #4, which will be out in late autumn/winter.

Andrew WK if WUFT for all that. ARE YOU?