Moving Out

Some of you will already know about this (seeing as we kind of leaked the news on Twitter already, not that anyone probably noticed/cares), but we're sad to announce that as of next month we'll both be moving out of Cardiff and moving to London. Not because we've decided that to "make it" as a label we need to be based there or anything silly like that, we just happen to have both (independently) got new jobs down there, and because we're moving we're going to be dragging the label, kicking and screaming, with us.

It's important to note that despite the fact we won't be based in Cardiff anymore we will most certainly still be keeping Barely Regal going, and we're still going to stay very closely connected with Cardiff and the South Wales music scene. It's the tight-knit community of incredible bands here that made us want to start a label (and play in bands) in the first place,  and hopefully being based in London will give us even more scope to promote the bands we know and love on a greater scale.

We have one or two last shows that we'll be putting on here in August, and a final Simply Rad in September, so even once we've moved we'll still be back here a lot. If when we return you see us wearing flip-flops on our ears, riding tiny bikes, or you see us change our web address to "" (registered in the Cook Islands yeah?) then you have full permission to punch us in the neck.