Meilir replaces H!TP on Among Brothers launch 17.12.10

Unfortunately Hail! The Planes had to pull out of the show tomorrow, but Meilir has kindly stepped in! Although we're gutted that H!TP won't be playing (I'll miss out on singing along - "UN-DERRR WA-TERRRR" -I love that song so much), we're really excited about watching Meilir. Last time we saw him, there was a suitcase of gravel and a thumb piano. I'm pretty sure they don't make gravel-specific microphones, but whatever they used at Buffalo sounded good. I'd better get back to the last minute preparations before tomorrow. It's nothing too exciting... just the standard gig stuff, i.e. inflating helium balloons, tying tetrahedral flyers to said helium ballons, releasing them over Cardiff etc. I almost forgot - Alex Comana is opening for H. Hawkline and Gruff Rhys tonight at BBC Wales. Excellent!