Mack Hocknull is going...

This friday, we're starting a new regular gig/club night with Flux=Rad. We were going to call it WUFT, but then we got drunk and thought this was a better name:

So yes, it's called Simply Rad, it's at Undertone on Friday, and it's going to be beery. Effort and Mowbird (mo' money, mo' bitches, Mowbird - they can use that as a tagline free of charge if they want) will be christening the night by playing some of their music to people that come.

If that wasn't enough, we've got ANOTHER gig on sunday, co-promoted with Man Cub, with the amazing Well Wisher , Verme, Dividers and Pipedream. We may as well just ask if we can camp out on Saturday and stay in Undertone all weekend. Almost as exciting as the gig itself is this amazing poster, designed by Will Exley. What a talented chap.

PS check this out: