With the new Kutosis single slowly working it's way from it's humble beginnings at Pallet Studios in Dalston all the way to the furthest corners of the globe (someone from Japan bought one of the tapes, y'know?), it's about time we announced our second single release of the month. May we present to you, the brand new single from Among Brothers, 'Loved': That rather nice little video was the brainchild of Danny Quanstrom (the man behind the artwork for the 'Homes' EP), and photographer Steve Broadbank as a part of the Cliq (, filmed in a mere four days. In fact, the whole process of deciding 'let's write a new song' through to having a fully mastered version and a video was about 6 weeks - probably a long time for most bands, but pretty quick for us considering how bloody long 'Homes' took to come to fruition. As with the Kutosis release, this single is going to be a purely digital one (sadly without a physical counterpart...yet), available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and our bandcamp on the 26th of September, just after we return from our impending two week tour starting next week. We've got all the dates up here, come down and say hello if you fancy hearing us struggle to play the single live. I mean, an accurate live representaion of the recording. Edit: Huck have already blogged about the video here, a full hour and a half before we even managed to get a post up ourselves...fairly exciting that press is already beginning to transpire before we've even had a chance to inundate you with spam ourselves!