Long Time No Speak #2 - an update of sorts


So then. It's be a good while since we last posted  on this here blog, not because we've entered a coma-like state of deep procrastination (as is usually the case when we go quiet on the site for a while), but because we've been so bloody busy with Among Brothers, Swn festival, and the general "life crap" that comes with moving cities. Having had our busiest month as a label back in September, and then going suspiciously quiet for all of October, we thought a bit of a round-up was in order to remind you of a few things we released recently, and a few projects we've been working with amidst all the other demands on our time. What was meant to be a brief summary has ended up expanding into a bit of an epic post, so you may want to go and grab a strong coffee before you start reading. Or just quite while you're ahead and go and look at pictures of cats or something.


Olympians – Book Club Single #3 – 'It Was Words'


The third and penultimate edition of Olympians Book Club series, 'It Was Words' is still very much available for your aural consumption, either on it's lonesome through iTunes and the like, or through subscribing to the whole Book Club here, the latter being a particularly impressive value proposition, now totalling a whopping 16 tracks (and with more to come...see below!).

Winter Villains - 'Moon'

While we’ve delayed the release of Winter Villains debut album until early next year (due to a few changes in our press plans for the record), you can still download the first single from the album, 'Moon' from their bandcamp here. Which you totally should, because it’s not only brilliant, but seasonally appropriate.

Samoans - 'Elevated Reflections'

The long-awaited debut EP from the math-rock juggernaut that is Samoans. And well worth the wait, if we do say so ourselves, in that it is an absolute corker, and shows just how far they've come over their short history as a band. Pick yourself up a copy of the limited edition CDEP from here (along with one of their lovely new t-shirt designs), or listen to the whole ruddy thing here. They're on tour in December (doing a number of dates with the excellent Freeze the Atlantic), so probably best grab yourself a copy before they sell out then eh? Separate blog post about the 'Elevated Reflections tour' coming REAL soon...

Cut Ribbons - 'Damascus'

Since we announced that we’d be releasing Cut Ribbons new single, 'Damascus', orders have been coming in thick and fast, resulting in me fast becoming the bane of my local post office (apparently turning up with a bag of 25+ record mailers, all going to different locations around the world, tends not to make you all that popular either with the cashier or everyone behind you in the queue). Not surprising that we’ve already shifted so many copies, considering the track is an absolute party banger, and then final versions of the 7” look GORGEOUS:

We only got a very limited pressing done of these, so make sure to get your hands on a copy from here before they all go.

...aaaand there's plenty more where that came from. We've already got a good 7 or 8 releases planned for the first half of next year (sorry bank account), which we can't mention just yet (as even WE don't know those all important details like release date etc), but here are a few things we have in the pipeline between now and then...


Olympians – Book Club Single #4

To cap off what’s been a pretty busy year for our favourite Norwich-based purveyors of all things math-pop, we’ll be releasing the fourth and final instalment of the Olympians Book Club series at the start of next month. Considering over the course of the series we’ve not only seen some big changes to Olympians sound, but also their line-up, the final single marks the end of a pretty significant chapter in the band’s history.

To make an appropriately big deal of this, we’re going to be putting together a 12-page mini-zine which will accompany the final Book Club single, available exclusively to current subscribers, as well as anyone that subscribes between now and the release date.

More details to follow very soon, but until then please enjoy this gif, comprised of shots from the video for single #4.

Among Brothers – new single and winter tour

The next month or so is literally all go for Among Brothers – we’re releasing a brand new single at the end of November, which is coming out on 7” vinyl as a part of the excellent Too Pure Singles Club, we’re doing a mini tour around the UK to tie in with that, and playing our biggest show to date with our good friends (not to mention one of our collective favourite bands) Los Campesinos! in December (!!!). Full list of dates, along with a stream of our new track, “I Am Certain” below:

10/11/2012 - Fear of Fiction Festival, Bristol

18/11/2012 - secret location, Oxford w/ Spring Offensive

29/11/2012 - Electricity Showrooms, London (IACIDNB release show)

30/11/2012 - The Trof, Manchester

01/12/2012 - The Chameleon, Nottingham

02/12/2012 - The Croft, Bristol

15/12/2012 - Islington Assembly Hall, London w/ Los Campesinos!

We’ll have a limited number of copies of the 7” for sale at those shows, but ahead of that you an pre-order the single from the following reputable sellers:

Kutosis – ‘Fanatical Love’ repress

After a thoroughly comprehensive stock check at Barely Regal HQ (by which I mean we had a quick glance at our merch box) we were somewhat amazed to discover that, between us and Kutosis, we only have about four copies of their debut album ‘Fanatical Love’ left. Two things this brings to light:

  1. If you haven’t already you should totally go and get yourself a copy now from here now before they run out. Comes with an instant download of the whole record, and makes for a great stocking filler if you fancy giving a friend or family member the gift of massive fucking riffs this Christmas
  2. We should probably think about doing a repress, especially considering it was recently shortlisted for the Welsh Music Prize and that…

We had a number of alcohol-fuelled chats about the latter at Swn, banding around some rather exciting ideas about formats and little extras we can give away with the re-press, so now in the cold sobering light of day we’re down to…well, mostly trying to remember some of what was said (in hindsight, having a label meeting during Gallops hectic 1am set on the Saturday was not the best plan), and then subsequently hammering out all the details in order to make this happen. While there’s no set release date yet, you can expect a re-press in the very near future. Kutosis superfans should keep their eyes and ear peeled on this here blog and Kutosis’ website until then.