Limited Edition Post-Tour!

Among Brothers' new single Loved is out today! If you want to download it, go to iTunes or Amazon. If you want something physical AND digital (well... either / and / or / both), head over to the Among Brothers Bandcamp to get a copy of the Among Brothers tour poster, lovingly designed by that Sparky Deathcap chap. Sparky Deathchap. I'm sure we've linked you up with the video several times already... HERE IT IS AGAIN!

To coincide with the single release, we got back from tour today. After a breakdown-free 1481 miles, 11 gigs and 14 different city-visits, we arrived back in Cardiff at 5am this morning. A HUGE thank-you goes out to anyone who put us on, put us up (that includes you, Travelodge CEO - I know you're reading. Sorry about breaking that bed), and particularly anyone who came to see us or bought merch. Special thanks to Danny, Steve, Rob, Colin and George. You made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So now we're going back to writing new Among Brothers songs, planning the new few BR releases, dreaming about Swn Festival, and washing the stink of diesel out of our clothes.