Last of the Olympians

It is with equal shares of excitement and sadness that we bring you news of the final instalment in Olympians Book Club series. Titled "Everything's Amazing (Nobody's Happy)", the fourth and final single in the series will be out on the 3 December on CD and digital download, which of course the justifiably smug Book Club members will receive on both formats ahead of that date (because we look after our Book Club bros).

You can listen to the exclusive stream of the lead track from the single over on The 405 here, and of course if that takes your fancy there's still time to subscribe to the Book Club here, which will get you a whopping 20 digital tracks, all four CD singles, the hollowed out book 'case', and a limited edition print. Oh, and to make an appropriately big deal of the fact the series is coming to close, we'll also be chucking in a 12-page mini-zine, made up of artwork and photography from the course of the release, which will be exclusive to subscribers. Not bad for £10 eh? In keeping with the past Book Club videos, there's an appropriately hypnotic video to accompany the final single (which we'll be revealing soon), but until then please enjoy the above gif, which is in no way whatsoever a subliminal marketing tool designed to lull you into a suggestive state so that we can significantly up our subscriber numbers in the last few weeks. No sireee.