Kutosis shortlisted for Welsh Music Prize

To cap off what has been a pretty ridiculous week of announcments for our little label, we have yet ANOTHER exciting bit of news for you, this time about an old release. The more clued up among you may have already seen this floating around the interweb (seeing as the official announcement went up on wednesday, a full two days before we got round to posting about it...whoops), but Kutosis' debut  have been shortlisted for the Welsh Music Prize!

A serious proud parents moment for us, and pretty big news for the lads, considering that "Fanatical Love" is in the running alongside the likes of "Hello Sadness" by Los Campesinos, "Accelerated Learning" by Truckers of Huskers, "The Plot Against Common Sense" by Future of the Left and "Illuminated People" by Islet. A completely justified and well deserved accolade for the lads considering the album came out almost 12 months ago now and we still haven't been able to stop listening to it on repeat. We're obviously a bit biased (considering we released the album an' all), but I think even if we hadn't put this out we still would've fallen 100% in love with this record, and it's amazing to see that a significant proportion of the judging panel are clearly as big fans of it as we are.

If you still haven't heard "Fanatical Love" yet (shame on you!) you can listen to it here (or directly below!), and buy one of the few remaining copies from our store here. We've only got something like 8 copies left (!) so hurried purchasing is recommended.