This weekend was a productive one, so we've got a few bits of exciting news. First and foremost, the first few tracks from bands for the compilation arrived safely into the Barely Regal inbox, and with more tracks in transit as we speak we can (at long last) start blogging about who'll be on the cd later this week! Secondly, we've been sorting out design stuff and artwork with a good friend of ours, so with any luck this blog should be getting a makeover in the not too distant future, I'll post more news on that as it comes but we're unreasonably excited to say the least. In the mean time, until we hear more about the above, there are yet more gigs this week to keep ourselves pre-occupied, including Joe Lally (of Fugazi fame) playing at Buffalo tonight. I've been waiting for this gig for a while now, firstly because the whole line-up is amazing, with Right Hand Left Hand and Strange News from Another Star supporting, but also because this is about the closest I'll ever get to seeing Fugazi live. I'm a little annoyed at myself that I *technically* could have seen Fugazi, as I was alive when they were still playing shows, though getting over to America and then into a punk gig at the age of 3 would've probably been a fairly difficult feat. Judging by this video, a Fugazi show is no place for the under 5s: With that in mind, I think when I have kids I'm going to start taking them to shows as early as their tiny ears can stand it. Although that could backfire with them rebelling against me in their teenage years by listening to pop or R&B. Parenting sounds hard.