How Swn is Now

BOOM! Here it is: The product of hours of cutting, folding, sticking and burning (CDs that is, introducing fire to the production line would've been relatively counter productive). Last night felt reminiscent of evenings spent making mix CDs for girls, the key difference being that this time we were making mix CDs for 50 girls. And some of those girls are dudes, selected on a first-come-first-served basis. Thanks to all the bands playing our stage, who donated a song each to the proceedings. Tracklisting is as follows: 1. KUTOSIS - Islands (Conformist remix) 2. Right Hand Left Hand - Bugatti 3. Among Brothers - Montgolfier 4. Samoans - Brothers 5. Yucatan - Cur Big thanks to Kate as well, who did the lion's share of cutting and sticking to help us get them done on time. Get down to Dempseys early if you fancy getting your hands on a copy. Oh, and if you're interested in parting with a few of your English pounds for an even better band to CD ratio, we'll be selling some of the remaining copies of our first release, the 'Zero Years Of Barely Regal' compilation, which features tracks by all the bands playing our stage bar Yucatan - 14 tracks by 14 bands for a mere £3 (special gig price!). Now for sleep. Fully expecting recurring dreams about coloured card.