With Christmas rapidly approaching (seriously, where the fuck did 2011 go?!) things are winding down a little in the Barely Regal camp. It’s been an amazing year, more than exceeding our expectations, so with the Kutosis release ticking over nicely we thought now would be a good time to bunker down and attempt to save money/plan well in advance for what is already looking to be a busy 2012. Or at least that was the plan, until we realised Goodtime Boys and At Daggers Drawn are touring from December 1st onwards. Seeing as we’re unable to resist putting on bands wot we like in Cardiff, we decided to put the both of them on at Undertone on the 1st of December, before they jet off to Europe for 13 days. Seeing as it’s Goodtime Boys first hometown show in bloody ages we’ve decided to celebrate by amassing an assortment of the heaviest bands we could find in South Wales, to give them an appropriately heavy send-off before they head out on tour. Tickets are a mere £4 for 5 of the most exciting live bands you’re likely to see this side of Christmas (if we do say so ourselves), and they’ve pretty much all got new releases and merch with them, so if your friends and family happen to be into heavy music you could even get a sizeable chunk of your Christmas shopping done at the same time. See you there! Bring earplugs.