Happy Samoans Day!

Two pieces of good news about Samoans that should give you reason to celebrate this otherwise quite crappy day in February: Firstly, as per the above poster they're playing at Buffalo tonight with The Me!Me!Me!'s (any band with that many exclamation marks in their name have to be good right?), and Survivalists (Gareth from Brandman's other band). It's only £3 for 3 bands, which is ridiculous value for what looks to be an evening of great music. Secondly, they've put one of the tracks from the forthcoming split single with Strange News From Another Star up on their Facebook page for your listening pleasure. You can stream it here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/samoans?v=app_178091127385 Important note: 'Samoans Day' is not an offical public holiday (...yet) so you should probably still turn up to work. You might get fired if you take the day off, and tell your manager when they call to ask where you are that you thought you had the day off because Samoans put a new track up on their facebook page. I say might, your manager might be really lenient, or a huge Samoans fan, so maybe it's worth a try.