Happy Friday!

Because they’re in a great mood (it is Friday, after all) Olympians have decided to release the rather trippy video for single “The Great Gatsby” this evening. It was put together by Liam Roberts (check out his other, equally excellent work here), and is laden with powerful subliminal marketing messages encouraging you to buy Olympians crap amongst all the hypnotic lights and colours. It isn’t, but I sort of wish it was, because then you’d be doing a lot of our promotional legwork for us just by watching it. “The Great Gatsby” is the first single we’re releasing in the “book club” series we’re doing with Olympians, and is out digitally on the 13th of February, as well as in the form on a limited edition CD single if you get your act together and subscribe to the book club (there’s still time!). We’re cooking up some rather exciting digital content (with the help of the rest of the Barely Regal family) which is going to be exclusive to book club members, so now is a pretty good time to think about subscribing if you haven’t already.