Happy Birthday to the 405!

Today marks the third birthday of our good friends The 405 (that is to say, the online magazine is three years old, not our friends, because that would be weird). To celebrate, they've decided to hold a bit of a party at the Old Blue Last, as a part of their regular 'Surf Wax America' club night. Olympians will be doing a set of their own material, plus a set of Weezer covers (!!!), with Among Brothers sandwiched nicely in-between. We're incredibly stoked to have been asked to play this, and while we ourselves sadly don't have any Weezer covers up our sleeves, we will definitely be singing our hearts out when Olympians belt out theirs. If the prospect of a drunken sing-along to Weezer classics isn't enough to tempt you, then the free giveaways, cake and CDs hopefully will. Oh, and the fact that, like all good birthday parties, this is free entry. In the instance that you can't make it along, we'd advise sending a card and/or substantial cake to make up for your lack of attendance. Or just give us said cakes, and we'll pass on the sentiments.