Hail! the Single

For those of you who haven't heard already, good friends of ours Hail! the Planes recently put out their brand new single 'Brother, I'm Sinking'.  A particularly exciting release not only as this is their first release since the brilliant 'Tree Creeper EP', but also the first recordings since the infamous Mark Foley joined as their current bassist and lent his bearded, bass-weilding skills to their already talented line-up. One of the most impressive things about this single release was the speed with which H!theP turned it around. Both tracks were recorded in one day  (with Charlie Francis at Musicbox Studios), and the CDs assembled and available for sale only a week later. This by no means implies it was any kind of a rush job: both tracks are fantastic, as is the production, and the cases look incredible: (Less can be said of my photography skills, hence why I stole these pictures direct from their Bandcamp page). We’ve already invested in a copy each, on an impulse purchase after just seeing the cases and artwork...previewing the music seemed an unecessary formality when presented with recycled, handstamped beauty such as this. Puts us to shame that they managed to get the hold thing done and out in the space of time it took us to draft a blog post about them recording! H!theP will be selling copies at gigs (along with the also excellent ‘Tree Creeper’ EP), and you can also get yourself a copy from hailtheplanes.bandcamp.com. We'd recommend investing as soon as possible, as the hard copies are very limited and might not ever be reprinted! Even if you're not lucky enough to grab one of the actual CDs before they sell out make sure to purchase the digital download version, an absolute steal at £1 a track.