Hail! The Repress

Last time we blogged about Hail! The Planes wonderful single ‘Brother, I’m Sinking’ the damn thing had already sold out completely by the time we’d managed to get the post up - more of a comment on the high demand for their music than us being slow at blogging (though you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the latter, given the incredible lack of posts we managed over the course of 2010). Luckily we've learned our lesson, and have been infinitely quicker off the mark this time - those of you who missed out the first time around are in luck – it’s been repressed, and is available NOW from spillers for the very reasonable price of £3. If our previous words on the subject aren’t enough to convince you to buy it, the beautiful video for ‘Brother’ should do the trick (see above). These sold out in record time last time, and almost certainly will again, so HURRY. For more H!theP based news we'd recommend keeping an eye on their tumblr: http://hailtheplanes.tumblr.com/