Goodtimes Ahead, pt3

It’s a good thing the Goodtime Boys tumblr is diligently kept up to date by Sam and Pennie, because my own poor attempt at keeping a recording diary on here failed spectacularly after day one. I don’t know how most bands manage to keep regular, informative and/or witty accounts of life in the studio, as after 3 days of sleeping on people’s floors I could barely summon the energy to type, let alone piece together daily blog posts. Sleep deprivation aside, tracking guitars and vocals on days 3 and 4 went really well.  Despite the fact we spent quite a while messing around with various guitar sounds and pedals we never really felt rushed for time and we always seemed to be ahead of schedule. This was partially as a result of having demo'd all the songs first with Death of Her Money frontman Darren Kaskie (no surprise that our least stressful recording stint to date was also the first time we’d actually taken the time to demo all the songs first), but also because our producer Lewis seemed to have the ability to work at the speed of light, constantly mixing and editing as we went along. How he managed to do all that with the constant distraction of us dicking around the whole time is beyond me, I have infinite respect for anyone who is able to focus entirely on the job at hand when someone is playing 'Day of the Tentacle' in the near vicinity. What a pro. While we've only got the first mixes back so far, everyone is already pretty stoked with how they're sounding. The new tracks are a lot less ‘heavy’ than the songs on the split with solutions, but no less intense, which is exactly what we were aiming for when we wrote them in the first place. Think bands like La Dispute, Suis La Lune, and Pianos Become the Teeth. For any real music/recording nerds out there, Lewis has written a slightly more technical (and informative) account of recording  Goodtime Boys on his own blog, including a clip from one of the tracks: The only slight disappointing element of the whole experience was that despite the fact the studio was on a farm, I didn’t see a single farm cat. Pretty gutting.