Goodtimes Ahead, Pt 2

Friday's gig at clwb was excellent. Drains were hectic as always, Dan Barnett sporting a pretty fantastic new 'tache, and Evariste Galois played a solid set too, bit of a shame the first time we caught them was their penultimate show. Huge thank you to every that came to the show, and Tom for putting on one of the most enjoyable Goodtime Boys gigs we've played in Cardiff in a long time. A few videos from the show, courtesy of Tal's brother (AKA This is Fubar Productions): [vimeo] [vimeo] (If you want to sign our petition to get Dan to keep his moustache you can drop us an email at don' Not content with just the one evening of power-violence, we headed straight to Southampton the next morning for our second show of the weekend with Senator, The Long Haul and Witch Cult. A bit of last minute preparation for recording the next day with Lewis (who actually plays guitar in The Long Haul), the show went surprisingly well despite the fact we were all suffering from debilitating tiredness. For some reason, two of the PA speakers were mounted on springs, which could've been a disaster waiting to happen (given Alex C and Alex P's penchant for treating venues as giant climbing frames), but actually made for some excellent video footage of Pennie proving conclusively that prolonged abstinence from alcohol probably does improve your balance somewhat. [vimeo] Cheers to good friends of ours Toby who managed to catch some of the show on film, risking his expensive camera near my flailing arms/bass. Recording is going well so far, with bass and drums completely finished, meaning I can return to sitting on both the demand and supply side of coffee consumption. Alex is already ploughing on with his guitar parts so it looks like we're well on track to get everything done in the four days we're here. It probably deserves its own dedicated post (before this one gets excessively long), but in the mean time we're keeping the Goodtime Boys blog fairly update to date with information (read: photos of ginger beer and food we've eaten) on day to day happenings in the studio: