Goodtimes Ahead

Having been fairly focused on the Among Brothers release the last couple of weeks (as you could probably tell from the amount of spam we’ve sent your way), we’re taking a short break from all things orchestral and ambient to go to this on Friday: Aside from the fact this show is a great opportunity to support a local promoter and see three bands for free, scientists have predicted that if Clwb reaches a critical mass of people at the show that night all the heat and sweat will turn the venue into a giant radiator, warming the whole city. Cardiff University Physics department supported the claim in a statement made last night, commenting 'yeah, that sounds about right'. In celebration of our first proper Goodtime Boys gig of the year (and because myspace is an unusable piece of crap) we've finally sorted ourselves out with a Bandcamp, where you can download our tracks from the (now out of print) Solutions/Goodtime Boys split. They're up as pay what you want, so you can get them for the price of on the house, or alternatively send us some cashmonies if you're feeling extra generous.